The Automotive Mechanic at a Glance

by Raymond Thomas

Here is Why You Should Be an Automotive Mechanic Now!

Engine Diagnostic MachineThe days of the low-schooled grease monkey are numbered, if not already passed in various States. At the current rate of automotive industry growth, master mechanics and highly specialized technicians are in high demand by dealers, insurance companies and auto repair shops. Still, how did it come to this?

No More Carburetors

Today, a laptop and an USB interface became as much of a repair tool as a set of wrenches or a good old ratchet. Since most vehicles contain a much higher level of electronics, including microprocessors, the average mechanic no longer only has to deal with nuts, bolts and wires, but they also have to take into account binary data reported by the vehicle through a diagnostic interface.

Most modern cars feature microprocessors which control an average of 20 sensors, starting from oil level, brake wear indicators, air and fuel mixture sensors as well as airbag deployment units and automatic braking systems. Also, the shift towards 6+ speed automatic gearboxes push the required knowledge level of a technician beyond what was needed ten years ago.

Salary Options

Currently, US automotive technicians earn an average of   depending on the location and specific area of expertise. However, the future looks brighter than this; by undergoing proper specialization programs and becoming something of a para-engineer, automotive mechanics can achieve better yearly wages. In other words, knowledge is money.

Job Security

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, the current automotive industry trend is nowhere but up towards the sky. The number of cars roaming roads and highways is increasing by the day and will continue to increase at a steady rate. Given this prospect and considering the fact that every car is prone to error, there will always be work available in the automotive technician field, whether it’s repairing a damaged vehicle or maintaining currently running ones.

Even more, a mechanical-based field of work offers job opportunities not directly related to age. Many dealers and automotive repair shops are desperately searching for experienced mechanics with the ability to adapt to new trends. Within many occasions, experience went a step further than just reading the output of a laptop and trying to fix the symptom rather than treating the disease.

Where to Get Training

Auto mechanic TrainingIf you’ve been convinced that automotive technicians have a big slice of pie to eat at the moment and in the following years as well, you may want to learn more about training possibilities. While auto shops apprenticeships were enough for the old-school mechanic who dealt with only one electronic component on each car (the ECU that is), a new age automotive technician should seek to learn and improve skills through two-year or four-year college programs. This way, along repair and maintenance courses, students will also benefit from introductions in subject such as algebra and English, both great assets for accommodating with the latest technologies in automotive engineering.

Skills to Improve

Although signing up for a course in automotive repair is a huge leap forward, enhancing and fine tuning various skills is what makes the difference between the average and the top mechanic. Diagnosing and problem solving abilities are the two main characteristics every auto mechanic should possess in order to prosper in the field of car repair. Keeping up to date with the latest automotive technologies and how to maintain and repair them will also add a huge plus on career path.

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