Being an Auto Sales Consultant

by Raymond Thomas

Working in sales is always a roller coaster ride. There will be good times and there will be not so good times. It all depends on the economy and just what people are really looking for. If you work as an auto sales consultant, you will find that there are many perks to the job, and no matter what you may think beforehand, you can make it a great career if you are ready to.

Auto Sales ConsultantOne of the more positive aspects of the job is the fact that you can make a commission on what you sell. This means that in a way, you can say how much you want to make. If you sell more expensive cars, a lot of times you will make a higher commission, simple as that. You can make more money this way than by working an hourly job. Another pro to having this job is that when you have a good day, with many people coming onto the lot, you will find that the day goes by quicker. Nothing is worse than a slow day in sales, and it will happen, but when it is busy, it really makes up for it. You will almost forget all about those slower days. However, on the slower days there is still plenty to do.

It is also a great job if you really like to work with all different kinds of people. As a sales consultant, especially for cars, you will come across many different people. You may work with singles, families, retired folks, teenagers, etc. There are so many people that will come onto a lot to buy a car; you will get to see them all! They come from all walks of life.

Something else that is rewarding about the job is that if you make a customer happy, they will often send friends your way. Not only will this equal more money for you later, but it shows just how well you do your job, and that is validation enough sometimes. That’s why it’s crucial that you treat each customer right and follow up with them in an effort to build a relationship.

It may not be a job that you always dreamed of having, but being an auto sales consultant can be a very good job. Depending on what you want in life, you will be able to make a bit of money, meet many new people, and make all of them happy with their new car. You want to give your customers an experience that they will remember, and at the end of the day, you will feel good doing it.

3 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    I’ve always pondered an auto sales job, and my husband says I should go for it. I’ve worked retail before, but of course it wasn’t based on commissions. Is there any type of certification you need, as in a college degree? Do you need to be really good at math? (As this is not my strong suit!) I love meeting people, helping them out and making them happy, of course. I’ve been working from home for a while now. I may try to get my foot into the door on auto sales after the new year.

  2. Lee says:

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  3. marcus smith says:

    I’ve been selling cars for over ten years thru dealers i met thru a job agency in 2005 I’m very good at it over 50 cars in 2 years i could sale a lot more i would like to get a dealers license a create my own company i have a very strong customer base n I’m very interested in a career of it.

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