Motor Trend Truck of the Year: the 2015 Chevy Colorado

by Raymond Thomas

The mighty Chevrolet has again pinched the prize snaring the Motor Trend Truck of the Year 2015.

Many reasons led to the honors being bestowed on the striking Chevy truck and the award is justified on many fronts.


Although not yet tested by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, crash test dummies demonstrate that if you are traveling in a Chevy there is relatively little danger of sustaining serious injury. Safety is key and the Chevrolet Colorado scores.


This truck, while not particularly small, is engineered to drive more in line with a crossover than a truck per se. Agile cornering and highly precise steering are both good news for those with automotive sales jobs: we all want fun behind the wheel and the Colorado delivers in fine style.

While not remarkably rapid, the Chevy is not slow off the mark either. This torque filled power plant always feels within its comfort zone. 2015 Checy Colorado


These are expensive times. Economy counts.

An inline-four Duramax diesel engine (2.8 liter) develops 181
horsepower yet also saves you overspending at the gas station.

The 4×2 LT Duramax boasts highly impressive figures of 23.2/31.4/26.3 mpg (city/highway/combined). We would expect that kind of efficiency from a small sedan rather than a mid-sized truck like the Colorado.


Married to economy is the ever-thorny issue of price.

The gas V-6 is more than $3500 cheaper than the Duramax.

When selecting the diesel, though, beware of the options which can easily edge your expenditure closer to $4000 more than if you opt for gas.

The choice is yours…

2015 Chevrolet ColoradoThis powerful diesel workhorse (it can tow a heavy payload with ease and confidence) ultimately repays the extra cost of your wallet with stretch to it.

Most of the general options are keenly-priced and, in all respects, the Chevy Colorado represents sterling value for money.
The range extends all the way from $21000 right up to the range-topper at roughly $37000.

Whatever your tastes or requirements there is a Colorado for everyone as your auto sales consultant will easily prove.


We are all becoming more design-savvy.

The Chevy may be a year old but still punches above its weight in this category.

Chevy have rolled out a design which is striking and sporty yet retains an air of understatement. While it may be fairly basic, inside everything looks and feels right.


Pop in to see your local auto sales consultant and consider the Motor Trend Truck of the Year 2015. The Chevy Colorado is well worth your consideration.


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