Becoming an Auto Mechanic

by Raymond Thomas

Do you want to be an auto mechanic? Have you ever wondered if it’s for you?

Some of us excel with practical work while others specialize in using our brainpower. If you have a mix of both of these qualities then why not consider a career as an auto mechanic?

In today’s tough economic climate, a job as an auto mechanic offers both stability and the chance for professional progression.

Auto MechanicWhether you are already experienced in this field and looking to further your career or you want an entry-level position, there are many benefits which come with this job alongside its security.

Salaries are strong and most major companies provide the chance for you to further your career from within. You will earn over $30,000 while, if you make it to the top 10%, income can exceed $60,000 pa.

Good benefits including, health and life insurance, comes as standard and there is plenty of opportunity for training programs to enhance your skills.

So… what do you need in order to qualify?

Initiative and problem-solving skills are high on the list of essential requirements for any auto mechanic’s role. When repairing vehicles, it is key to diagnose the problem swiftly and accurately. Time is money.

This job is also one where a genuine interest and passion is crucial. Technology is evolving at such a pace that you will need to keep abreast of developments and put them into practice. Electronic technology is now paramount for an auto mechanic. Because cars today have often very complex computer systems, diagnostic tools are necessary meaning a proficiency in this area is a must.

The nature of being an auto mechanic is more demanding than you might think. You must have a vigorous work ethic as well as the ability to work as part of a team. Undertaking tasks independently is also a necessary commodity.

The customer-facing nature of the job means that you should be well-presented and possess strong interpersonal skills. You need to communicate sometimes intricate issues to the customer in plain English.

It is highly important that you possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and that you are able to effectively present information one-to-one and in small group situations to customers, clients as well as other employees.

In addition to this, you also need to be physically fit and strong. As well as some heavy lifting, you should be flexible and in good shape so that you can perform your job adequately without straining.

How can you gain entry to this career?

In the US, there are two main pathways for someone wanting to become an auto mechanic.

1) A wide range of schools and programs offer assorted training programs. This is not a job you can just step into so get qualified.

The National Automotive Tech Education Foundation (NATEF) is a body which evaluates these programs broken down into four main areas: automotive, auto body, trucks and alternative fuels.

Check out their website for a list of certified schools:

Make the best choice for you.

2) ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification is not mandatory but some companies will only hire auto mechanics who have successfully passed this standardized method of testing. ASE Badge

If you really want to follow this path fully then invest in yourself and work toward this qualification.

As with most areas of life, the Internet also plays its part now. There are many certified mechanics who provide online advice. Mechanics can also troubleshoot thorny issues by taking advantage of the Web and even service manuals are increasingly offered in digital form.

So, if you want to pursue a career that offers both mental and physical challenges and you have a real passion for cars, technology and solving problems then why not take action and become an auto mechanic?

With an ever-growing number of vehicles you will never find work hard to come by and the rewards and variety of the job are substantial… There is also the chance to work on the side and use your tools and knowledge to supplement your income.

Why delay?

Investigate becoming an auto mechanic today!

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