10 Tips to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

By Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

Here are 10 tips you can implement immediately to improve your negotiation skills. Ultimately, the more you improve your negotiation skills, the more likely your sales motivation will improve as well.

  1. Always make sure you know what the other party is really looking for.
  2. Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked by the other party. Keep the conversation on the issues being negotiated.
  3. Seek to find alternative solutions that the other person would find of interest.
  4. Use time to your advantage. Know the other person’s timeline.
  5. Don’t allow the other party to know any absolute time constraints you might be under.
  6. Know how the other party intends to define success in regards to what he is negotiating on with you.
  7. Never use a weak voice when offering a solution. It may cause the other party to feel there is something else he can get.
  8. To display confidence, make eye contact when offering a solution or trading something.
  9. Use silence to get the other party thinking and to help reinforce your points.
  10. Never put anything in writing until the final negotiation is complete. Once something is in writing, it is very hard to get it changed.

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