Being an Automotive Sales Consultant


by Raymond Thomas

One of the most important parts of being an automotive sales consultant is your mentality. So stay up and concentrate on the positive parts of having an effective career as an automotive sales consultant. The financial rewards for getting it right are well worth it.

The hardest period of a car salesman’s’ career is the first few months. Just like most jobs there is aCar Sales Career learning curve. In the car business that curve is pretty sharp. Unless you’ve been in the auto business in the past, you will observe yourself scrutinizing your decision to become an automotive sales consultant.

However, don’t rush to alter your opinion about your new calling, until you have given it a chance. Selling cars can be an exceptionally lucrative vocation. This article is written to serve as a manual to help new auto salespeople get past the hardest part of being new to the business.

A rookie automotive sales consultant will probably go through a training course given by the dealership that will last one or two weeks. But that is just to teach you the basic fundamentals. You will have substantially more to find out about selling cars, but the initial training will be enough to get you started. My advice is to do exactly what your managers want you to do, no matter how crazy it sounds. Being a team player with them will take you a long way in the future.

Automotive Sales Consultant Guide for the Beginner  

Don’t expect to break the bank during the initial 90 days; this is a period for learning. Not necessarily about the vehicles you’re selling, although there will be plenty of that. But more about the process of sell cars. There is a science behind it.

I would prefer not to unnerve you or alter your opinion about being an automotive sales consultant, yet numerous individuals change their opinion about being one in the first month. This is the reason the business has such high turnover, in light of the fact that once you move beyond the 90 day mark Auto Sales Jobsit all gets much easier. So make an individual pledge to yourself to stick with it no less than three months.

• Your best partner through your initial three months will be your Sales Manager. If you follow their guidance, they will do their level best to see to it that you make money. If you’re lucky, you me be partnered with a mentor, or an experienced sales person to help you with customers as well. This will also lead to you splitting some of your commissions, due to the time they spend with you. Although top sales representatives often are too busy or are unwilling to help new salespeople and frequently see you as a risk to their future salary.

Watch and listen to the top auto salesmen and ladies at your dealership for secrets to their prosperity. Not what they say and do when a gathering of sales representatives are waiting around for clients, however what they say, do and how they act when they are with a potential buyer. Effective sales people seldom share their secrets. You can learn a considerable amount by watching and tuning in.

When you are with a client give careful consideration to them. Listen to all that they say and note their non-verbal communication to better comprehend what they need, in light of the fact that they don’t generally let you know what they truly need, their activities and responses will give them away.

Stop talking! Every veteran automotive sales consultant will tell you that you don’t have to be a talker to sell cars; truth be told, you’re listening skills are a great deal more beneficial. The old saying goes that you ought to talk half as much as you listen. The customer will tell you how to sell them a car if you ask the right questions and listen carefully. When you do talk you must pick your words precisely. One wrong word and your customer and commission is on their way to the next Car Sales Jobsdealership.

Memorize the advice above but don’t stop there. You should constantly work on improving your skills with additional training. Remember, you’ll be helping people make the second largest purchase of their lifetime. The better skilled you are at dealing with the public, knowing your product and knowing how to make the customers like you will have a profound affect on your paycheck.