Target Automotive Candidates Nationwide

Welcome to We're glad that you're allowing us to help you staff your automotive dealership. We know how difficult and costly it can be to find the right candidates. Our mission is to make this easy and affordable for you.

The cost is only $69.00 per 30 day job listing!

Multiple job listings are still only $69.00 each.


3 listings = $207.00

5 listings = $345.00

10 listings = 690.00

What We Will Do For You

1. We will position our website on the first page of Google .

2. We will submit your listings to a network of job lists via Twitter.

3. We will also send it out to all of our followers on Twitter

4. Candidates will be able to apply to your job listings directly, without having to register.

5. Candidates will be able to upload resumes, allowing you to contact them directly.

6. Edit your job listings at any time. 

7. After every 10 job listings the next one is FREE!